How Ag-Turf Can Save Money Using the Ecoflow™ Water Conditioner

1. Reduced Maintenance Costs

The Ecoflow™ Water Conditioner effectively reduces the buildup of scale and minerals in irrigation systems, preventing blockages and extending the lifespan of pumps, pipes, and sprinklers. This leads to lower maintenance and repair costs, saving Ag-Turf significant amounts of money over time.

2. Lower Chemical Costs

By eliminating the need for chemical treatments to manage scale and corrosion, the Ecoflow™ reduces the overall expenditure on chemicals. This not only cuts costs but also minimizes the environmental impact of agricultural operations.

3. Improved Irrigation Efficiency

With enhanced soil permeability and water infiltration, the Ecoflow™ ensures that irrigation systems operate more efficiently. This increased efficiency results in less water being needed to maintain optimal soil moisture levels, thereby reducing overall water usage and associated costs.

4. Enhanced Crop Yields

The Ecoflow™ Water Conditioner improves nutrient absorption and soil health, leading to healthier crops and potentially higher yields. Increased productivity directly translates into higher revenue for Ag-Turf, offsetting the initial investment in the water conditioning system.

5. Extended Equipment Lifespan

By minimizing scale and corrosion, the Ecoflow™ extends the lifespan of irrigation and water-related equipment. This longevity reduces the frequency of expensive replacements and ensures longer intervals between purchases of agricultural machinery, contributing to significant long-term savings.

6. Water Conservation

The improved irrigation efficiency provided by the Ecoflow™ leads to reduced water usage. This is particularly important in regions where water is scarce or expensive, making efficient water use crucial for cost management.

7. Compliance and Environmental Benefits

Using the Ecoflow™ helps maintain compliance with environmental regulations by reducing chemical runoff and soil salinity. This not only prevents potential fines but also supports sustainable farming practices, enhancing the farm’s reputation and possibly attracting eco-conscious customers.


Investing in the Ecoflow™ Water Conditioner offers Ag-Turf numerous financial benefits, from reduced maintenance and chemical costs to improved crop yields and equipment longevity. These savings can significantly enhance the operational efficiency and profitability of agricultural operations.

How Much Money can Your Agricultural Operation Save with the Ecoflow Water Conditioner?

The cost savings from using a water conditioner on a large farm can be substantial, particularly when it comes to reducing scale buildup and improving irrigation efficiency. A water conditioner, like the Ecoflow™ Water Conditioner, can lead to significant reductions in maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of water-related equipment by preventing scale formation and hard water corrosion​. Of course every agricultural operation is different and the exact amount of savings will vary based on the size of the farm and specific water usage patterns, the reduction in equipment wear and tear, combined with improved water use efficiency, but overall an operation using a high quality water conditioner like the Ecoflow™ can lead to meaningful financial benefits over time​.

How Does it Save Money?

For instance, eliminating scale buildup can improve the efficiency of irrigation systems and reduce the frequency of repairs, saving both labor and equipment replacement costs. Additionally, better water quality can enhance soil permeability and crop hydration efficiency, potentially reducing overall water usage and thereby lowering water bills.

What’s the average water expense for a golf course?

The average water expense for a golf course in the United States varies significantly based on location and water sourcing methods. Nationally, the average annual water cost is around $107,000, though it can be as high as $238,000 in regions like the Southwest where water is more scarce and expensive​ (Golf)​. This expense typically constitutes about 13% of a golf course’s total maintenance budget​ (Golf)​​ (GCMOnline)​.

Courses that purchase water can see costs ranging from $8,000 to $223,000 annually, with the most significant expenses often incurred by courses in drier regions such as the West​ (GCMOnline)​​ (Golf Course Industry)​. For some courses, particularly those with access to wells, ponds, or natural sources, water costs can be minimal or even negligible, impacting their overall budget substantially less than those that must purchase water​ (Golf Course Industry)​.

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