EcoFlow Well Water Water Conditioner – Agriculture Irrigation

“I would like to give you some feedback regarding the effectiveness of the Ecoflow Water Conditioner we have installed here at Moody Creek Farms.

When I met with you and our Ecoflow Dealer … we discussed what the Ecoflow could do to improve the soil on our racehorse track.

The racetrack soil, when unconditioned, clumps together and undergoes compaction. This causes the hard clumping of the soil in the shoes and hoofs of our racehorses. It was presented that the Ecoflow Conditioner was capable of breaking down the clumps and reducing or eliminating compaction of the soil while improving the track’s soil conditions.

That summer we purchased and installed a 2-inch Ecoflow on a stem-pipe that we use to fill our water truck. Our procedure is to water the track twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Within a week we noticed that the Ecoflow Water Conditioner started breaking down the clumping soil and eventually eliminated any signs of hard clumping. In addition we were able to eliminate the need to use gypsum and no longer had to apply chemicals to the soil.

We next installed a 2-inch Ecoflow on one of our four fruit orchards. The fruit trees in this orchard were showing stress due to high soil chloride content and poor water percolation. In the next 4 to 6 weeks, we noticed a vast improvement in the fruit trees and increased percolation of water into the soil.

Unlike other water treatment technologies we have tried, the Ecoflow is less expensive and requires no on going costs. We are now able to make greater use of our well water and have eliminated the significant cost associated with the amount of District Water we used for leaching. I would highly recommend the Ecoflow Water Conditioner to anyone needing help with an agricultural or landscape irrigation application.”

Best Regards,

Bob Oakes
Moody Creek Farms, Bonsall, CA

Residential EcoFlow Water Conditioner

Well, your Ecoflow 52CPM water treatment system is up and running. We got a first class plumber (a friend of many years) to install it. You should come and see the fine job he did installing the system.

We had immediate results in the house. My glassware is sparkling, silverware is spotless, dishwasher is as clean and smooth inside as when it was new. Our tea and coffee have no scum sitting on top. No more buying bottled water! Our toilets, sinks, tubs and showers are clean and sparkling.

The water tastes good (I grew up in Fresno and we had the water from the ) snowpack runoff. Wonderful water! Now our water is just as good here. Will let you know how the avocado results compare to previous years.

If you need or want references, call us anytime – will show the installation and vouch for the “good” water in our home.

Elvin & Jerrie U.

I would like to report on the performance of the catalytic (Ecoflow) non-chemical water conditioners over the last five years. The conditioners replaced expensive and wasteful salt softeners on the following buildings: Allen Hall, Capital Assets and Services, The Gateway Center, and The School of Communications. We also have installed Ecoflow water conditioners on the majority of our irrigation systems for our grounds. We have found that the Ecoflow conditioners removed and prevented scale build-up in the buildings’ piping system. The water conditioners have also greatly reduced hard water spotting on water fixtures such as faucets, toilets, showers, drinking fountains, etc. We have eliminated water treatment maintenance and wasting of water.

The turf on our grounds with conditioned water shows increased water percolation into the soil and also an increase in the size of the turf’s root zones in less than 3 months.

We are impressed with the results and are looking forward to installing the Ecoflow non-chemical water conditioners on the rest of our buildings and grounds.

Richard M. Bowen
Interim Vice President
Administration and Finance
Northern Arizona University